Aero wing

These MVS racing Dual element wings, are made in carbon fibre, with grp and Kevlar inserts, they come with end plates and saddles.

Measurements:- Top bi wing, cord 120mm. Lower wing, cord 225mm.

Available upto 1750mm length.. Both elements can be purchased seperately.

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  • Radical
    Radical Single eliment wing
  • Saddles
    Saddles Alluminium, not predrilled
  • Atom front wing
    Atom front wing Front dual wing, with small end plates
  • Aerial Atom
    Aerial Atom Dual wings front and rear
  • Westfield
    Westfield Dual wing
  • Westfield
    Westfield Dual wing
  • wing profiles
    wing profiles Dual wing profile,both eliments can be bought seperate
  • Radical wing
    Radical wing Single plane
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